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Title Conceptual Framework for the Comparative Study of VET Systems in Europe and Preliminary Results for Slovenia; Draft Version (WP10)
Year 2011


Over the last few years research into the development of vocational education and training (VET)

systems in both Europe and the world at large has addressed two main objectives: first, contributing

to competitiveness and economic growth by providing specific and generic competencies and,

second, promoting social inclusiveness. These two objectives are becoming increasingly interrelated.


While the transition and complementarities between education and the labour market in the area of

higher education have already been widely studied by several European projectsand HE tracer

studies supported by research and university centres, relatively little has been done in the area of

VET. In light of the need to properly understand the VET population’s short- and long-term career

perspectivesit is important to study the characteristics of VET students during their educational



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