Project results

Title Focus groups findings and resolutions summary (WP6)
Year 2011

The implementation of focus groups forms an important part of the 7 EUVET project.

During the lifetime of the project focus groups are carried out for different purposes.

One pilot focus group took place in Austria in May 2011. A questionnaire was

developed to test which questions could be useful to ask pupils and which answer

options have to be included in a questionnaire for a quantitative survey (refer to the

documents: Methodology for conducting focus groups, Questionnaire pilot focus

group Austria and Report on pilot focus group Austria). Findings were used for the

development of the instrument for the field survey. In autumn and winter 2010, each

7 EUVET project partner conducted two to four focus groups in each country to test

the questionnaire. As the main focus of the project is vocational education and

training, all partners carried out focus groups in vocational schools or programmes.

Some partners decided to also include general schools for control purposes for the

quantitative survey and therefore also for the testing phase. New guidelines for this

kind of focus groups were developed (refer to the document: Guidelines for

conducting focus groups to test the questionnaire). This report contains information

about the implementation of this kind of focus groups for testing the questionnaire.

The next series of focus groups will take place in autumn 2011. The purpose then

will be to further explore findings of the quantitative survey and to gain deeper

insight into some topics by means of combining quantitative and qualitative methods.




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