WP10 - Synthesis of the results



University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


The last work package will include a synthesis of the 7EU-VET project results. The final report will serve as the basis for the final 7EU-VET publication and national booklets which are considered the major dissemination outputs. Since the final work package is related to all previous activities, the partners will be obliged to meet all the deadlines set for the duration of the project implementation.


While the implementation of the activities depends on the results of the previous work package, the synthesis report as a final project stage will include the conclusions at the national level as well as at the level of the comparisons made between the seven European countries. The work package activities will be organised into five main syntheses: (a) the presentation of the theoretical background of the educational systems provided by the WP 4 and WP 5 leaders; (b) the presentation of the focus groups results provided by the WP 6 leader; (c) the presentation of the activities and results based on the pupils data provided by the WP 7 leader; (d) the presentation of the results based on the experts data provided by the WP 8 leader; and (e) the presentation of the dissemination and exploitation activities and results provided by the WP 3 and WP 9 leaders.


As the MNGT issues will be included into the final mid-term report based on the quality assurance work package, the final synthesis report will include the activities and results only from the RTD viewpoint.


   10.1 Synthesis of the 7EU-VET results

The synthesis report of the 7EU-VET results will provide a wider audience with the following main topics: (1) the theoretical background; (2) the national results of the quantitative and qualitative studies; (3) the cross-national results based on the qualitative study; and (4) the cross-national results based on the quantitative study. The synthesis report will form the basis for the 7EU-VET final publication and for the national booklets including the main project results.


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