WP9 - Exploitation of results



University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


A successful exploitation is highly related to a successful and timely dissemination. Therefore, the project partners will become the disseminators and promoters of the project results and outcomes. Through their national channels and connections (with experts, decision makers and others) they will exploit the necessary information in order to prepare individuals (target groups) for today's society, future competitiveness, and innovation.

The exploitation activities will be executed on two levels: (a) by single partners through their national providers and (b) by the consortium as a whole through the dissemination of the adequate results based on the comparisons made between seven European countries.

Previous work packages, which will provide extensive theoretical and empirical background, will support the creation of the exploitation plan with a strategy for using the 7EU-VET results beyond the project itself. At this point, the social and economic situations of each country's schooling environments will be taken into account. In addition, the main project exploitation tool will be the international database, accessible free of charge and based on the survey conducted among the secondary school pupils. The database will be available after the completion of the 7EU-VET project.  

9.1 Exploitation plan

Each project partner will prepare an exploitation plan to showcase their idea of the feasibility of the exploitation and the dissemination of the results. The adoption of the theoretical background (based on the previous project results) and partnerships with national providers will help execute the most convenient exploitation plan. The partner reports will serve as an evaluation instrument to define the exploitation plan at the consortium level.

9.2 Presentation of the exploitation activities and results

The final exploitation report will include the national partner reports and the comparisons between the dissemination and exploitation activities of the seven European countries. The final exploitation report will serve as a tool to communicate the results to the general public as well as education and scientific communities, decision makers, policy researchers and others at the national and EU level.


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