WP5 - Secondary study of national contexts and trends


Rigas Tehniska Universitate, Latvia


Within the WP 4, comparable key national statistical data will be provided, such as population, education, and labour market data. The data acquired from other organisations, such as OECD and EUROSTAT, will be included.


Secondary analyses of the international trends in education and labour market will be conducted.


In the WP 5, comparable indicators will be provided and used as a basis for secondary analyses of the contexts which will be done on an international level. The national contexts will be described and compared in the light of internationally comparable key statistical data.


The database analysis and documentation synthesis will provide international comparisons and the determination of successful education strategies.


The WP 5 will provide a synthesis of the national documentation and statistical data on education and, more specifically, the VET strategies with the purpose of surpassing and integrating the information from separate documents. Indicators such as a low share of early school leavers, a high share of education enrolment, a share of VET enrolment, post-secondary enrolment, and others, can indicate successful implementation of educational strategies.


Secondary analyses of the national contexts and trends will provide two main outputs:

  1. A selection of indicators which are to be further evaluated and elaborated at a later stage of the project;
  2. An international comparison of the national contexts.


One project partner will be responsible for the data and literature analyses with a high degree of support from other project partners.


5.1 Study framework

A detailed framework for secondary statistical data analyses and documentation analyses will be prepared. Key indicators will be provided for the secondary analyses of the data acquired from other sources (OECD, EUROSTAT, CRANET).


5.2 Synthesis report on the national contexts and trends

The joint report will provide international comparisons of the key indicators which will be interpreted according to the EU and national LLL strategies. The education and labour trends will be compared across the participating countries; the national contexts will be used as support in the interpretation of the results.


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