WP4 - An overview of existing documentation


Technological educational institute of Crete, Greece


Methodologically, the project follows the principle called ²from theoretical background to empirical conclusions². As a foundation for the studies, the EU and national contexts on education (system, policy) will be used.  The first step of the project will be an overview of the existing documentation and the studies already carried out in the field. On the EU level, there are several strategies and supporting documents covering lifelong learning and the role of the VET in lifelong learning (Lisbon strategy, Copenhagen declaration, Maastricht Communiqué, Helsinki, Bordeaux communiqué) along with the documentation on the Bologna reform initiation in the partner countries.


Each partner will provide an overview of the national strategies and the documentation on lifelong learning and the education system with an emphasis on the VET and on the ways specific national strategies reflect the common EU strategies. At the same time, an overview and a presentation of the existing common key indicators (population, education, and labour market data) of the participating countries will be done based on the data from external sources, such as OECD, EUROSTAT, CRANET, etc., which will serve as a basis for the secondary analyses.


As the participating countries differ with respect to educational systems and programmes, all data and documentation will be later used in the process of the international comparisons and in the interpretation of the results obtained in qualitative and quantitative studies.


One of the purposes of the work package is to study and present the national contexts as theoretical background for further analyses and interpretation. The documentation will be further used for questionnaire development.


The outcome of the analyses will be the national reports on the comparable data on education systems and national contexts, which will allow a data comparison at the international level. The reports will serve as a basis for:

  1. An integrated report on the education contexts in the countries under observation;
  2. The elaboration of a questionnaire for semi-structured interviews.


4.1 State-of-the art national reports

An integrated plan for the analysis of the literature and documentation will be prepared to assure the adequacy and comparability of the data collected in each country. The outcome of the WP 4 will be the national reports on comparable data on the education systems and the context of the educational systems and programmes focusing on the VET. The reports will provide state-of the art data for further research activities and will allow a comparison and interpretation of the data at the international level. The reports will include key statistical data on predefined indicators.


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