WP3 - Dissemination


Kaunas University of technology, Lithuania


The WP 3 including networking and dissemination is planned within the project to ensure as wide and effective dissemination and discussion as possible. The dissemination of the findings will be carried out throughout the duration of the project in the following manner: (a) the project's Web site will be designed at the University of Ljubljana with the purpose of introducing the project and its results; (b) each partner will team up with experts and decision makers to form a group responsible for the execution of the national workshops; (c) the final publication of the project results; (d) a booklet and flyers with the project results provided in the national language, and (e) the presentation of the results at conferences related to the topic of the 7EU-VET project.


According to the planned dissemination activities, the project results will target different audiences: secondary school pupils and teachers/professors (including grammar schools, VET and technical schools, etc.), decision makers and policy researchers, academic community, general public, and expert audiences outside the scientific community.


3.1 Project's Web site

The project's Web site will be the central feature of the project’s management and dissemination activities. Communication of the research results, discussion about different issues and the dissemination and exchange of information and working materials between the partners will be provided continuously through the Web site. English will be the main working language; however, some dissemination activities will also be provided in the national languages.


3.2.1 First national workshops

The main purpose of the first national workshop will be the presentation of the project and the dissemination of the results based on an overview of the existing documentation and secondary study. Each partner will organise the national workshop after the completion of the WP 4 and WP 5. Its audience will include the focus groups selected using an adequate methodology implemented in the WP 6. After the realization of the national workshop, the partners will report on its achievements in the first mid-term report on the RTD and MNGT.


3.2.2 Second national workshops

The second national workshop will be organized after the completion of the WP 6. At the workshop, the partners will present the results based on the focus groups data as well as further steps in the project’s activities. The audience will include the pupils and teachers involved in the process of the empirical study. Each partner will invite speakers from the field of education to express their views on the schooling environment. The partners will report on the national workshop achievements in the second mid-term report on the RTD and MNGT.


3.2.3 Third national workshops

The purpose of the final national workshop is to present the results based on the pupils and experts data. The experts will also be invited to join the round-table. They will discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of different educational systems and work opportunities. The final workshop should attract a wider audience, e.g. schooling children, teachers, decision makers, policy researchers, etc. The partners will report on the national workshop achievements in the third mid-term report on the RTD and MNGT.


3.3 Final publication

The 7EU-VET final publication will be based on the synthesis report. It will provide a wider audience with four main themes: (1) the presentation of the project and the partners, (2) the theoretical background, (3) the cross-national results based on the qualitative research, and (4) the cross-national results based on the quantitative research. Apart from that, each partner will provide a booklet including the main project results in the national language with the intention of disseminating and exploiting the project results.


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