WP2 - Quality assurance


University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


The quality assurance work package includes measures to be adopted for an internal evaluation of the project activities, results, etc. The focal point of quality assurance and control within the project will be the deliverables. At the first partner meeting (kick-off meeting), the consortium will confirm the standards and quality indicators as defined in the earlier stage in the Consortium Agreement:

(a) All work package deliverables will be confirmed within the D 1.1 (Elaboration of the work plan);

(b) Work package leaders will be responsible for ensuring that the agreed deadlines for submitting the deliverables are met;

(c) All deliverables will be discussed and approved by the consortium at the partner meetings;

(d) All deliverables in English will be professionally proof-read and edited;

(e) Project communication (as defined in the description of the WP 1);

(f) Conflict resolution and the decision making process will define the procedure used to resolve problems at an earlier stage, determine proper handling of problems, etc.


To enable the monitoring of the work and the progress in accordance with the research timetable and agenda, each project partner will provide mid-term reports on the RTD and MNGT activities to the project coordinator. The mid-term reports will be submitted to the coordinator one month prior to the partner meetings in order to identify the status of the activities and the problems encountered during the completion of the work. For this purpose, a standard template (provided by the coordinator) will be used providing the specification of the achievements related to the project’s RTD objectives reached in the last year of the project, activities planned for the next year, and the MNGT resource usage per WP.


2.1.1 First mid-term report on RTD and MNGT

The first mid-term report will be provided after one year of the duration of the project and presented at the second partner meeting. In addition to the management issues, each partner will present the work and the progress in line with the following work packages: the first national workshop (WP 3), an overview of the existing documentation at the national level (WP 4), and the secondary analyses (WP 5). Furthermore, the activities planned by each partner with respect to the ongoing or future work packages will be presented also.

2.1.2 Second mid-term report on RTD and MNGT

The second mid-term report will be presented at the third partner meeting. This report will provide the information on the second year of the project duration. Each partner will present the national results based on the implementation of focus groups (WP 6), dissemination activities including the second national workshop, and management issues. The partners will also provide the consortium with a plan of future activities, with an emphasis on the way of handling the exploitation of the results.


2.1.3 Thirdmid-term report on RTD and MNGT

The third mid-term report will be presented at the final partner meeting. The partners will announce the results achieved during the last year of the project duration. These will include the last national workshop, the final publication and other dissemination activities (WP 3), the results based on the pupils (WP 7) and experts data (WP 8), the exploitation plan at the national level (WP 9), and the synthesis report (WP 10). The last mid-term report will include a section on the MNGT for the entire life-time of the project.


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