WP1 - Management



University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


This work package relates to the coordination and management of the project consortium and activities foreseen by the project in order to carry them out effectively and successfully. The work package will be managed by a coordinator who will also offer administrative support to the project partners. The role of the management is to ensure that administration duties are met and that the activities are monitored and derived with high-quality scientific level.


To ensure good work organisation, four partner meetings will be organized during the life-time of the project. The partner meetings will be organized once a year to monitor project performance, discuss the achieved results, and define the necessary steps towards project completion.


To guarantee the scientific, administrative, and financial objectives are fulfilled, the first consortium meeting will be at the beginning of the project. This meeting will be dedicated to the elaboration of a detailed working plan, timing and deadlines, and responsibilities of each partner.


In addition to a grant agreement between the coordinator and the EC, a contract agreement between the coordinator and each partner will also be signed. In this contract agreement all regulations related to financial and administrative issues will be formalised.


Day-to-day communication on the project will run via e-mail or telephone (if necessary). An effective communication among the consortium partners will also be enabled and facilitated by the project's Web site. The Web site will serve as archive for the project partners; access will be restricted and enabled by a password. It will also be used for the dissemination of the project results.


Finally, through the WP 1, all official relations with the European Commission will be maintained. That includes a regular communication with the EC and the submission to the European Commission of the relevant reports on the progress of the project.


1.1 Elaboration of the work plan based on the Consortium Agreement between the partners

During the kick-off meeting (D 1.2.1), the partners will elaborate and confirm the working plan raised into the Consortium Agreement.  The Consortium Agreement will be signed by the coordinator and each partner before the beginning of the project activities. This contract will define the division of the partners' tasks and responsibilities as well as the financing, payments, conflict resolution, and the decision making process.


1.2.1 Kick-off meeting

The first partner meeting will be organised as a kick-off-meeting. The consortium partners will meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to establish the project's work plan. First, the quality assurance plan (D 2.1), the responsibilities, and the partner roles will be discussed as confirmed in the Consortium Agreement (D 1.1).  The meeting will also be used as a way to proceed with the first steps of the research work (WP 3 - Web page, first national workshop; WP 4-5 - state-of-the-art national reports, WP 6 - methodology).


1.2.2 Second partner meeting

The second partner meeting will be held in Germany. The partners will present the first QPLN report (D 2.2): MNGT issues (costs expenditure, etc.) and RTD activities: the findings of the database analyses (D 4.1, D 4.2), the results of the secondary study (D 5.1), and the findings of the first national workshop (D 3.2.1). The status of the ongoing activities of the WP 6 will also be discussed, with an emphasis on the implementation of focus groups, further sampling, and the development of the questionnaire as an activity under the WP 7.


1.2.3 Third partner meeting

The third partner meeting will be held in the UK, where the results of the qualitative (D 6.2, D 6.3) and quantitative (D 7.1-D 7.3, D 3.2.2) studies will be presented. Apart from the expert approach to the study (WP 8), the meeting will focus on two main themes: the MNGT issues relevant until the completion of the project and the final dissemination (D 3.2.3) and exploitation activities (WP 9), including the final synthesis report (WP 10) as the basis for the final public publication of the project (D 3.3).


1.2.4 Fourth partner meeting

The final partner meeting will be held in Austria. The partners will present their final findings related to the survey conducted among the secondary school pupils (D 7.4), experts’ analyses (D 8.2, D 8.3), the final national workshop (D 3.2.3), and the exploitation activities (D 9.1, D 9.2). Each partner's costs expenditure will also be discussed and the meeting will be closed by a detailed discussion on the ways to use the results beyond the project.


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