Partner 4: Kauno technologijos universitetas, Lithuania

The KTU is the largest technical university in the Baltic States. The vocational intensive teachers’ studies were founded in 1997. The faculty is involved in the state programme development for the ICT use in education and has the expertise in the field of the school curricula. Apart from that, they have defined the teacher qualification requirements, investigated general computer literacy in the country, and carried out a research on educational portal needs in Lithuania. Among their current activities are twelve projects financed by the EU structural funds, six of them of state importance, the state program called “Lithuanian Virtual University”, the research in e-learning/m-learning  systems, components and methodology, network of schools modelling, implementation, learning content creation, and evaluation. The Informatics Faculty leads many international research  projects, such as FR7, FR6, FR5, FR4, and COST, as well as the Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, SOCRATES, ERASMUS, TEMPUS, EUREKA, COPERNICUS, NATO projects.



Mrs. Virginija Limanauskiene

Position: Lecturer

Address: K.Donelaicio 73, 44029 Kaunas

Phone: 00370 37 327617


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Partner 4: Kauno technologijos universitetas, Lithuania