What is 7EU-VET

Project 7EU-VET map

The 7EU-VET project – Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding the VET Education – is a research study on vocational education and training which builds on theoretical backgrounds and secondary analyses of existing documentation as well as national and EU data in order to conduct quantitative and qualitative studies and derive empirical results. 

The project reflects one of the goals of the Lisbon Strategy, namely the promotion and the quality of vocational education and training.

European countries face intensified global competition, large numbers of low-skilled workers in the labour force, and an ageing population. A structured action in the field of education and training can help prepare individuals for today's society and is vital for Europe's future competitiveness and innovation.

The project builds upon the developed common European strategies, frameworks and tools and supports them with research undertaken by seven European countries.

PPT - short presentation of the project